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Bankruptcy is a very personal situation and requires careful consideration of your particular situation.

You are are encouraged to contact us directly by phone for a free phone consultation with the attorney.  The phones follow us after hours and weekends and we will always try to answer your call whenever you need to speak with someone.

                          (206) 262 - 1040             

After you have called the rest and determined that you deserve more personal attention RIGHT NOW, then give us a call.  You don't have "to come in first" and no one is going to twist your arm to make a commitment. Our primary concern is always you.

We have worked with many builders from the smallest remodeler to a builder with 47 LLC's and over a thousand lots, homes and condos.  Our mission is to get you through bankruptcy, if it is really necessary and get you that fresh start so that you can do what you do best - build.

Before someone convinces you that bankruptcy is the "only way to go" you really need to know if that is, in fact, the only option.  If your only asset is your home and you only have a first mortgage with no other debt, there is a good chance that you can avoid bankruptcy - but we need to take a look at your documents to know.